New risks – new insurance solutions

The modern world of work brings new risks. Innovations, new technologies, information, production and communication methods, as well as new areas of responsibility and organisation are appearing on the market. They are followes by new insurance requirements and insurance products.

Funk keeps on top of the situation. In the "Special Lines" category, Funk deals with specialised offerings, examines the frequently widely varying insurance conditions, sorts out the relevant policies and presents you a sound recommendation as the optimum basis for a decision.

The advantage for you:

  • Long-term solutions

  • Reliable product and premium comparisons

  • Personal support

  • Proven experience

  • Security in new areas

Frequent special insurance policies:

  • Director's and officers' liability insurance policies 

  • Fidelity insurance

  • Political risks

  • Kidnapping and blackmail insurance

  • Employer's liability insurance

  • Financial loss coverage for pension institutions and insurance solutions for corporate transactions

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Philipp Pellizzaro

Senior Broker Special Lines & International Business

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