Funk CyberSecure - protection against digital risks

Ever since the concentrated DDos attacks on various Swiss companies, the demand for comprehensive insurance solutions has increased considerably, even among SMEs.

Together with leading insurers, Funk has developed a special form of cover which meets the challenges of the digital environment and provides tailored cover against criminal activities in cyberspace, as well as infrastructure crashes.

With Funk CyberSecure, Funk ist the first broker in Switzerland to offer the most comprehensive insurance protection for the new digital reality.

Because prevention is just as important for the protection of data and IT infrastructure as well as for raising employee awareness, Funk collaborates with professional partners in this area.

The advantage for you:

  • Clarification of the starting position with the cyber-risk workshop

  • Comprehensive insurance cover extending far beyound the usual benefits

  • Ideal coordination with your current insurance scheme

  • Access to technical specialists in the areas of IT security and data protection

  • Emergency organisation established for cyber incidents

Your contact

Philipp Pellizzaro

Senior Broker Special Lines & International Business