Funk Alliance – Funk's international network

The Funk Alliance is unique in the industry: as the only broker network entirely managed from Germany, we have 35 Funk offices, supported by high-calibre Funk Alliance partners around the world. With complementary skills and experience, together we create special added value for our clients.

The Funk Alliance is Funk's globally oriented service network. The aim and task of this network is to hamonise and synchronise the insurance/risk management interests of our clients worldwide. The Funk Alliance consists of our own offices and partner organisations. It ensures the implementation of international programmes and provides professional local support in all matters of insurance management, risk management and employee benefit management. It's about more than knowledge. It's even about more than experience. It's about a deep understanding of relationships and needs that has developed over more than 40 years of intensive cooperation with thousands of clients.

The Funk Alliance is the world's largest international Network managed from the German speaking part. Funk Switzerland is represented directly with Armin Gutmann in the Funk Alliance Advisory Board.

All Funk Alliance partners are continuously subject to strict selection and auditing criteria worldwide. The essential criteria are:

  • Compliance with an ethical code of conduct defined by Funk
  • Compliance with regulatory compliance and transparency guidelines
  • High service and consultancy, connected with an impeccable reputation locally
  • Compliance with defined service standards
  • Commercial independence and financial strength
  • Integrity in terms of all stakeholders

Thanks to our international Network, our clients have access to specialists and industry experts in their direct geographical vicinity at any location around the world. The customized support for each individual client profile offers a high degree of entrepreneurial freedom to develop a bespoke solution and ensures transparency and symmetry of information throughout the company.

At the same time, our clients benefit from constant, reliable and personal collaboration within the network, where Funk places high value on long-term cooperation cycles with Funk Alliance partners.

Funk Alliance Conference, Hamburg, June 2015

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Armin Gutmann
Head of International
Phone +41 58 311 05 41